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Got one to sell?

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The newest personal-propelled vehicle is the Ripstick. Coming from the popular brand Razor, they are the next step from skateboards, but are just as fun. Giving you a workout while getting you from A to B, or for pulling off tricks at the local skate park, they are worth every dollar.

Ripsticks for Boys and Girls

Whatever your gender or age, there is a Ripstick for you. Coming in funky colours and designs, these personal vehicles are great for the environment, your health, and are super fun. A bit different to a regular skateboard, a Ripstick operates by the rider placing their dominate foot on the front section, and kicking off as usual. Once properly propelled, the back foot goes on the other half of the Ripstick and the rider moves their feet in a wiggling motion to keep going and steer. Though it may take some getting used to, people of all ages are eager to give it a go.

Streetboards and Longboards

Another awesome personal vehicle you are sure to see out and about this summer at streetboards and longboards. Their unorthodox design includes a board much higher than the wheels, allowing for better rotation, movement, and tricks. Just like skateboards, you can get them with all sorts of designs that you can customise and personalise. Most of the professional brands can number in the lower hundreds in cost. You can also get electric versions that cost even more. These are able to start and propel themselves using a motor and can travel at speeds around 30 km/h. Because of this, they may not be appropriate for children, especially without adult supervision and proper padding.


Whether you are after new wheels, another board, or a new rig completely, eBay have you covered with their great range of skateboards. You can get the tried-and-true classic version, remote-controlled (both with connected remote or wireless), plastic, wood, and so much more. Prices vary greatly depending on the style, added design, and brand, though a solid classic skateboard will set you back between $50 and $80.

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