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Robot Kit

Learning how to program is a skill that kids are learning before entering high school. Much of this is done on computers but some programming has tactile applications as well. One such example is by building robots. These are projects that kids can build as part of assignments for school or as a fun project to do at home as a family. Robot building kits for kids make it possible to have everything kids need to build a robot right out of the box, making them an ideal learning toy.   

What are some factors to consider when selecting robot kits?

When choosing from several robot kits and similar construction toys, some factors to consider are:

  • Age range
  • Building capacity
  • Coding language

Most robot kits will have an age range listed on the box. Some simple kits are for kids who are as you as age 5 or 6 while others are better suited for kids in junior high school or high school. Some of the kits only allow for a certain style or type of robot to be built. Others have more flexibility, allowing your kids to get inventive with their creations. Younger kids or new programmers should work with robot kits that only require the programming of simple commands. Kids with more coding experience will enjoy kits that offer more challenges and different command options.

What are some types of robot kits?

Some fun robot kits to build include:

Some of the types of movie and TV robots that are available as kits include those from Star Wars and the Transformers.