Robot and Space Toys

Great for kids of any age as well as both genders, having a toy robot can bring hours of enjoyment and entertainment to a child's life. Beyond robots, kids also love other space-related items, such as astronaut toys, space shuttle toys and more. Help foster a love of science and learning while buying something kids will enjoy as well. There are quite a few different types of robots and space toys, as well as popular characters.

What Different Types of Robot Toys Might a Child Like?

If you're shopping for your own son or daughter or as a gift, you already know that seeing the joy on a child's face when you give them a toy they love is a beautiful moment. Choose from these types of robot and space toys:

  • RC: A remote control robot or spaceship is a terrific gift, no matter the occasion. Children will learn dexterity and time and space as they play with a remote control toy.
  • Dancing, talking or walking: An imaginative toy is sure to get your child's imagination going as well. Look for dancing robot toys or ones that walk and talk to be your child's little pal.
  • Action figures: Sometimes you don't need to have toys that sing or dance in order to have a great time. Help promote pretend play with action figures, allowing your child to act out scenes or plays.
  • Blocks or LEGOs: Allow your child to put together and take apart robot and space toys as many times as they'd like.

How Do I Shop by Age Group?

While the age groups notated on toy packages are suggestions, in some cases, it's really important to pay attention to the age grouping, specifically if you're buying for a young child.

  • 0-3 years: If you're shopping for a child that is under 3 and the package says 3+, you may want to give the toy a thorough once-over. Many toys for older kids contain small parts that young children can potentially choke on.
  • 3-5 years: The Pre-K years are important ones, and this is a great time to get educational toys that help with motor skills, dexterity, vocabulary and more.
  • 6-8 years: During the primary school years, kids may like some more involved toys, particularly ones they can use and operate themselves (like a computerised robot).
  • 9-12 years: During the middle school years, kids may enjoy science projects and kits.
  • 12+ years: Designed for older kids in mind, these toys may be difficult for younger kids to enjoy, and may have a lot of moving parts.

Who Are Some Popular Space and Robot Characters?

When it comes to sci-fi, space and robots, there are countless characters who have been popular throughout the years. Some popular characters (or movies) include:

  • Star Wars: With characters such as R2D2, Star Wars perhaps has the most famous robot of them all.
  • Lost in Space and Star Trek: These vintage television shows still are popular enough to have several product lines available.
  • Dinosaur robots: Many of these different robots look and walk like real dinosaurs.
  • Japanese robots: Look for robots made by the companies Bandai and Takara for RC, interactive and other types of robot toys.