Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

When its time to kit out your fishing boat, there is plenty of choice in terms of accessories. Fishing is fun and easy in its simplest form, but with the right kind of fishing boat and the best gear, you can take your experience to another level. You can accessorise your fishing boat any way you want, but there are some absolute essentials for every fishing vessel. Fishing rod holders are core accessories without which the joy of fishing is much reduced.

Rocket Launchers and Fishing Rod Holders

No serious fishing boat is complete without a rocket launcher. A fishing rod is the most essential of all fishing accessories, but fishing rod holders are the second most indispensable fishing accessory. Not every rod holder is practical all the time. Its location and configuration are what suit it to a particular type of fishing. Fishing rod rests and holders range from simple holes in the boats side plank to complex aluminium or metal alloy multi-rod rocket launchers. Clamp-on rod holders are the most versatile, as you can position them wherever you desire all over the boat. They can be affixed to vertical stanchions or horizontal bars. When it comes to convenience, variable rod holders are a good choice, as they can lock into any position. Stainless steel fishing rod rests and holders are ideal for heavy duty fishing, but theyre slightly pricier too. For hobby fishing and calmer waters, fibreglass, nylon and ABS rod holders are affordable options.

Holders for Small Boats

If you have a small boat, or you rarely fish from it, or youre concerned about the safety of your fishing accessories while your boat is docked, a removable rod holder could be the best solution. Different features enable you to customise your setup to meet your specific needs. Some models are equipped with multiple mounting capabilities, while others rotate, tilt, or lock in one position. With adjustable holders, you dont get the same durability as fixed rod holders, but they offer more versatility and are perfect for baitcasting. At the end of your fishing expedition, simply pack up your removable rocket launcher and bring it home with you, along with the rest of your fishing gear.