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Rocking out in the car with the windows down and the music turned up is one of the simple pleasures in life, but to do this in the best possible way, you will need to invest in a good car audio system. Rockford Fosgate has been helping people garner the best enjoyment from their car audio systems since 1973, using their signature Punch technology.


The basic things that a car audio system needs to have are car speakers and speaker systems, in order to blast the audio from the sound system out. Rockford Fosgate offers three categories of speaker systems, namely the Prime range that comprise of lower end offerings, the mid-range Punch systems, and the Power range, which is the best and highest end offering. Within these lines are a wide variety of speaker sizes and types to cater to your audio needs.


If you need to turn the bass way up to head nodding and fist pumping levels, Rockford Fosgate car subwoofers are what you should be looking at. Like the speakers, they divide into the Prime, Punch, and Power systems according to quality. Additionally, the subwoofers by this brand divide into standard, shallow, or superwoofer depths, depending on how low you want the bass to go. You can also pick from different sizes and volumes to complement your audio system.


Round up your car audio system with some Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, designed to bring out the best in your speakers and subwoofers. Choose from the Prime, Punch, and Power ranges (again) and also decide how powerful you want your amp to be. The brand offers amps ranging from mono amps to 5-channel amps, to cater to different complexities of audio systems.

Other Audio Components

Besides the above, other offerings by the brand include signal processors, enclosures, and other accessories to help put your system together. Signal processors let you tune the sounds from your audio input perfectly to your liking before it goes to your sound system, and enclosures are a good option for those who are really not sure how to go about fixing their subwoofer perfectly, and want something easier to handle.