Rockwell Home Tools

Rockwell is a major manufacturer of consumer tools including drills, saws, sanders, screwdrivers, clamps, and many of the accessories and parts for these products. Rockwell is a subsidiary of Positec Tool Company, the same company that supplies manufacturing to brands like Black & Decker.

Rockwell Drills

Rockwell manufactures plug-in and cordless drill varieties for a multitude of uses. Though Rockwell battery packs for drills are known to take a long time to charge, sometimes in excess of an hour, users report that they can reach up to 2,000 RPMs. Rockwell power drills balance weight with ergonomic design for easy handling. Most Rockwell drills have a variety of clutch settings. Some Rockwell drills have even won awards presented by Popular Mechanics.

Rockwell Sanders

Rockwell produces orbital and oscillating sanders in several varieties. All of the Rockwell sander families require power provided through a power cord, rather than offering wireless battery-powered options. Rockwell's Sonicrafter class sanders received critical recognition for quality.

Rockwell Saws

Rockwell manufactures a wide variety of consumer saws for home use. Among these include compact circular saw blades, which are smaller than traditional heavy-mount circular saws and can easily fit inside a common toolbox. Rockwell also offers compact circular saws, table saws, portable table saws, and jigsaws. Rockwell power saws require connection to power outlets, and Rockwell manufactures a full suite of replacement blades for each of its saw families.

Rockwell Home Tool Accessories

Rockwell also manufactures a number of home tool accessories for use with home tools. These include a massive range of drill bits and attachments; tool storage containers, like tool chests and boxes; saw sleds; sanding pads and oscillating bit accessories; and energy components, like replacement or spare batteries and chargers.