Rocky Mountain Bikes

Since 1981, Rocky Mountain Bikes have been creating high performance mountain bikes. At their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, the team of engineers, product developers, sales personnel and cycle athletes are super passionate about mountain bike riding. Rocky Mountain are one of the leading mountain bike brands in the business.

Types of Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain have a range of bikes to fit everyone's lifestyle and riding objectives. They produce eight main bike groups: XC Bikes, trail bikes, Enduro bikes, Downhill bikes, overland bikes, sport bikes, youth bikes and fat bikes. If you are looking for a fast bike for use in the mountains or on roads, one of the XC bikes would suit you. Longing for a more technical bike, where you can slide around corners and cycle hard up climbs, you will find that one of the all-terrain Trail bikes is more your thing. Enduro bikes are efficient and responsive and are for cyclists who like to be daring. Just like their traditional mountain bikes, Rocky Mountain fat bikes can ride well on snow, sand and other terrains. Rocky Mountain's overland bike is perfect for those who like to go wild riding in the bush, desert and mountains. Sport bikes are suited to family camping trips and weekend adventures. Rocky Mountain have a range of youth bikes for the kids; these are great first bikes for dirt riding, as well as mountain biking.

Rocky Mountain Bike Design

Unlike the suspensions on other bikes, engineers at Rocky Mountain have finely tuned the suspension on their bikes so that the rider doesn't experience issues such as _x001A_bobbing', _x001A_brake jack' and _x001A_falling rates'. The frame of Rocky Mountain bikes are also just as finely tuned as the suspension. The company use materials such as carbon and aluminium - even on the more economical models. Rocky Mountain know all of their models so well that they have perfected the key variables of each different bike, They know that each model has different traits and have therefore tailored the geometry of each bike accordingly.