Role Playing Games

Role playing games, abbreviated as RPGs, are games where each player assumes the role and identity of a fictional character in a rich and stimulating storyline. Players in the role-playing games act as per the narrative and setting of the game. They have to act out their roles and make decisions and actions according to a structured decision-making process leading to character development within the game. There are different versions of role playing games such as table top role playing games, live action role playing games, multiplayer text based role playing games, and multiplayer online role playing games. Each type of game has its own benefits, fun and a loyal fan following.

Famous Role Playing Games

Some of the famous worldwide role playing games include Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Dungeons and Dragons and Wizards of the Coast. Mantic is a famous brand which specializes in the creation of mantic role playing games. Dungeons and Dragons was the first tabletop, pen and paper role playing game which bolstered and created the role playing gaming industry.

Components of a Role Playing Game

A role playing game has a master player and another player. The master dictates the setting, narrative and rules of the game whereas the players play while acting out their characters in different settings. The master uses 6 set dice to decide the flow of the game. The players have to use different story elements and merchandize of the game to act out their decisions and play the game.

Why Purchase a Role Playing Game

Role playing games provide an excellent time pass and are ideal for people on summer vacations and long breaks. They are an excellent team building and communication exercise. They also help players in honing their strategy development skills as well.