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Nothing quite screams luxury as much as a Rolex watch. Its reputation of being a pioneer of the wristwatch since 1905 comes from the high-quality craftsmanship and unique sophistication in every design. A Rolex watch has been on the wrists of high fliers, explorers, and some of the most influential men and women to ever live. Fancy accompanying these icons and buying your own Rolex but can’t quite afford a brand new one? Start shopping the collection of Rolex watches on eBay today. 

Rolex’s reputation for excellence has been forged over decades of high-end watchmaking. In 1905, Rolex’s founder Hans Wilsdorf had a visionary of creating a wristwatch that was not only elegant but also precise unlike the others out there. The next few years were spent focusing on getting the quality and precision down to a tee. In 1910, a Rolex watch was the first wristwatch in the world to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, granted by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne. Receiving another precision certificate in 1914 by Kew Observatory made Rolex synonymous with precision from that date forward. 

For over a century, Rolex has created timeless classics that are still in production today like the Oyster, Rolex’s first waterproof and dustproof watch. They have pioneered watches, taking them from simply functioning as timepieces to assisting explorers on expeditions to the highest mountains, deep sea divers, and aviators to name a few of the professional activities. 

Rolex’s highest quality means they really are a timeless piece that becomes an heirloom. If you’re fortunate to have a Rolex passed down and it needs a bit of TLC to restore it to its former glory, you can shop Rolex parts and accessories on eBay. 

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