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Got one to sell?

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Give your patients or loved ones challenged by limited mobility the freedom to move independently and in comfort using wheeled walkers or rollators. Not only do walkers and canes, such as rollators, quad canes and walking frames, make the users more confident about themselves, but they also improve their quality of life.


Take into account features that your loved one will appreciate, such as a braking system that puts the control of the rollator in her hands. If she loves to exercise outdoors with the rollator, then a rollator with a seat is handy when she gets tired. Foldable rollators are easy to carry or store as they take up less space in their compact form.


Rollers with a sturdy aluminium frame are lightweight and easy enough to carry, while those with the heavier stainless steel frames resist corrosion for lasting looks. The lightest rollator frames are made from carbon fibre, which is also the most expensive option. Most rollers come in either the lightweight three-wheeled form for easy travel or the heavier four-wheeled form that offers more stability.

Frame Size and Height

Make sure that the frame size fits the user comfortably. The proper frame size shouldn't be too tight as it may cause discomfort and physical pain, while one that is too wide may be difficult to manoeuvre and not fit through standard doors. Also, select from rollers in junior, standard or tall height for the most ergonomic fit.

Using the Rollator Safely

Rollator users need to make sure there is enough space to move around furniture before use, and they should pay attention to loose tiles and stones or unsecured rugs. The most comfortable position for walking is upright as much as possible and without leaning too much on the handles.

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