Get your skates on, grab a pair of Roller Derby skates on eBay

Roller skates have been around since the 1700's. It was recorded that Joseph Merlin, an inventor and musician, wore a pair of his new skates to a masquerade party in London. He was not a good skater but made his entrance rolling in while playing the violin, before crashing into some large mirrors that surrounded the room. While not the entrance he was wishing for, it certainly got a lot of attention for his new 'roller shoe'.

While popular, it wasn't until the early 1960s and 1970s when roller skates really hit a mainstream resurgence. The introduction of plastic wheels made them easier to use, combined with disco music, big hair, flares and roller rinks and roller skating became all the rage. No Saturday night was complete without a disco ball and a spin around the roller rink.

At the top of companies making skates nowadays is Roller Derby, an American-based sports equipment manufacturer. Founded in 1936 by Oscar Seltze, Roller Derby produces a wide variety of skates including quad skates, inline skates, ice hockey skates, skateboards and skating accessories. 

Today, Roller Derby is the second-largest supplier of inline skates and the largest manufacturer of roller skates in the USA.

Skates have moved on since the pair Olivia Newton-John wore in Xanadu. There is a massive selection of Roller Derby skates available on eBay from casual Sunday wheels, vintage throw-backs that your mum used to wear to those for series derby rollers.

And it's not just Roller Derby skates that are available. You need to have the right accessories, the right clothes, and of course the right Roller Derby protective gear.

Feel the wind in your hair with a pair of Roller Derby skates on eBay, let the good times roll