Hands up if you love vacuuming? Thought so. Everyone likes having a clean home but very few people get excited about cleaning! It's a chore to ignore, a task to put last. Vacuuming is hard work, especially if you have a big house - but it's necessary evil, so it needs to be done. Or does it? Why not get a Roomba 780 to do the vacuuming for you? This set-and-forget robotic vacuum cleaner will vacuum your floors while you do, well pretty much anything else.

Robotic Vacuuming

There is no doubt having a robotic vacuum will revolutionise the way you clean. The small circular vacuum cleaner comes with smarts to navigate its way through your entire home, cleaning carpets, hardwood, tile and laminate floors as it goes. It has technology that helps it work its way around furnishings and obstacles, picking up dust, hair and debris to leave a beautifully clean room. You can control it and schedule operations via remote control, so you don't even need to get off the couch! You can literally set it to work and go about your business.

Battery Driven, Wi-Fi Compatible

The Roomba 780 runs on a rechargeable battery, operating for up to two hours before re-docking itself to recharge. For all those gadget lovers, it's easy to attach a Wi-Fi remote to the Roomba 780 and control it via an app downloaded on your smartphone. And, with the included virtual lighthouse that comes with it, the Roomba vacuum cleaner reads the infra-red signals to know when it can leave one room for the next. It also won't go into areas you program the vacuum to leave alone.If you love the idea of having a robotic vacuum like the Roomba 780, check out all the options on eBay to find the perfect one for you. Home to a massive range of vacuum cleaners, eBay is most definitely the place to find everything from handheld vacuum cleaners to robotic vacuum cleaners, from all the best brands in the business.