Rose Gold Fine Jewellery

Rose gold fine jewellery has a beauty that differs from other types of fine gold choices on the market. People who enjoy pink colours often tend to enjoy the pinkish hue of rose gold jewellery as well. There are a variety of rose gold fine jewellery choices on the market that are sure to brighten any day.

What Is Rose Gold?

Pure gold metal is extremely soft, so other metals have to be mixed with the pure gold to make durable pieces of jewellery. To make rose gold, a copper alloy is mixed with pure gold in order to make it stronger and give the metal the rose colour that so many people enjoy.

Rose Gold and Gemstone Jewellery

There are a variety of gemstones that look amazing when paired with rose gold metals. Sapphire rose gold fine jewellery and diamond rose gold fine jewellery are both popular choices because the brilliant stones help to brighten the overall look by adding more sparkle to the jewellery.

Copper or Rose Gold?

To the untrained eye, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between copper or rose gold fine jewellery when looking at vintage jewellery. Copper jewellery appears darker and more of a brown colour than rose gold. Copper also tends to oxidise after time and can develop a green patina and tarnish, whereas rose gold usually stays true to the original shine and colour appearance. Many rose gold jewellery pieces in the U.K. are stamped 14K, whilst rose gold jewellery in the U.S. is commonly stamped 18K.

Caring for Rose Gold Jewellery

Just like yellow gold fine jewellery, people who own rose gold jewellery also need to properly care for this metal to keep it in beautiful condition. Cleaning rose gold is easy to do at home with a jewellery cleaning solution when the metal needs a light cleaning. It is sometimes best to take jewellery pieces to a jeweller for times when a little extra cleaning or polishing is necessary.