Rose Gold Vintage & Antique Jewellery

Rose Gold Vintage Antique Jewellery

If you need a little bit of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, rose gold vintage rings and other antique jewellery certainly fulfills the “old” requirement, and a beautiful fulfillment it is. Shop intricate and beautiful pieces crafted in yesteryear - from costume pieces from the early 20th century to older pieces that accompany a gown or formal outfit perfectly. From necklaces to pendants, there’s bound to be a piece of jewellery that’s perfect for you or as a gift.

Not Just Your Average Necklace

One of the most prominent pieces of jewellery worn, shop rose gold vintage and antique necklaces to truly make a statement. Opt for a simple chain that adds subtlety to an outfit, or choose a necklace with a bold pendant, such as with sapphires or emeralds. Another choice is a chain with rose gold construction, but glass beads embedded in the chain.

Earrings and Rings

Choose a beautiful setting for rose gold vintage and antique rings. Precious stones like diamonds and rubies make a statement or opt for other setting choices that also look lovely, such as mother of pearl, opal, and freshwater pearl. Vintage jewellery styles have many ring sizes available to suit a number of needs. Complete your look with a pair of matching, dangling earrings or studs.

Perfect Pendants

Choose from a wide variety of pendants to add to an existing, newer chain, or to change your look often with a vintage rose gold chain. Pendants can be dashing and glamourous, from a ruby-encrusted locket to a simple hanging stone. You can also look for multi-pendant choices that include several hanging sets and stones.

Purity Options

Similarly to modern jewellery, there are several purity options when it comes to vintage gold jewellery. The 9k option is perhaps the most popular and economical, but common purity levels are available up to 18k. The higher the number, the more pure the gold. Purer gold is also softer and more malleable, and may be more dainty, because of its vintage nature.