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Rossi Industrial TIG Welders

Rossi TIG Welders

Rossi is a popular welding machine and battery charger manufacturer that boasts a large range of welders for any job. The brand offers multipurpose welding machines that perform combinations of MIG, MAG, MMA and TIG welding as well as plasma cutting functions. By using inverter technologies, the brand is able to create versatile welders that offer a long lifetime of productivity in your workshop or jobsite.

What are some ntoable Rossi welder models?

Rossi produces plasma cutters, MIG, TIG, MAG and MMA welders all capable of producing clean welds. The CT620iS plasma inverter welding machine is capable of three functions: TIG, MMA and cutting. It uses true DC inverter technology that efficiently combines three machines into one compact unit. As a TIG welder, it can weld all types of ferrous metals like mild steel plates, stainless steel, chrome moly and more. The MMA or Stick welding mode lets you run up to 4 millimetre rods with a stable Arc, and its plasma cutting mode uses 50 amps of current to make up to 10 millimetre cuts. The WSM-200 is a 200A inverter TIG welder that can function as a TIG and MMA welder, making it a versatile machine to have in the workshop.

What are the maintenance requirements of Rossi TIG welders?

Despite the effectiveness of Rossi TIG welders, maintenance should never be overlooked. Basic is the requirement that you must only use your equipment within its specifications. Take note of the duty cycles of your machines to keep from pushing your welding beyond its limits for a 10-minute period; hence, you must plan your projects around your type of welder. One good preventive maintenance practice is to take off the cover and clean the dust and debris off the interior circuitry with compressed air and use shielding to keep metal dust from interfering with the circuitry.

Are there other consumables required for Rossi TIG welders to work?

When using the MMA welding mode in ROSSI welders, you will need to purchase 4-millimetre consumable electrodes covered with a flux. This is the material that melts the metal together and hardens into a tough weld. These consumables are divided into three types according to their coatings: cellulosic, rutile and basic coatings.