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Rotary Wristwatches

Rotary wristwatches were established in the late 1900s in Switzerland and, over time, became so popular that they became the official supplier of watches for the British Army during WWII. Even in modern times, Rotary is considered a major brand of watch manufacturers, and was elected a "superbrand" in 2006. A longtime member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Rotary is now headquartered in the U.K. but is wholly owned by a Chinese holding company. Rotary wristwatches come in a wide variety of options, from wide-faced sport quartz battery Rotary watches to formal gold automatic Rotary watches.

Rotary Wristwatch Materials

Rotary wristwatches are made in many different materials, in great part so that different models can match many different fashion options. The watch housing materials are often stainless steel, silver, brass, gold or gold-plated. The bands are often made of leather, stainless steel, silver, gold-plated steel, canvas or PVD coated metal.

Rotary Wristwatch Face Shapes

Rotary wristwatches come in gendered face sizes with small, large and medium classes for both men and women. The smallest sizes range from 23.5 mm to 35.5 mm, while larger sizes range from 36 mm to 47.5 mm. They also come in a variety of shapes, such as cushioned, oval, rectangular, round and square. Round faces are by far the most common and popular for Rotary wristwatches.

Rotary Wristwatch Colour Options

Rotary wristwatches come in a multitude of colours. Wristwatch faces come in brushed steel, white and black, while the cases can come in silver, steel, brass, rose-gold and gold. The wristwatch bands often come in the widest variety of colour options including silver, gold, rose-gold, brass or striped variations of each. Leather and fabric bands can be found in black, white, camel, pink, blue, green, brown, yellow, beige and grey.

Rotary Wristwatch Styles

Wristwatches come in many styles, each appropriate for different occasions. For example, sport Rotary wristwatches often come with thicker casings and with multiple dials for calculating additional metrics. Formal styles, on the other hand, are sleeker and more streamlined, usually with only one dial and subdued face typography.

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