Rotating Display Stand

Rotating Display Stands

Rotating display stands are an eye-catching and kinetic way to display jewellery and small trinkets. Rotating stands come in a variety of styles and sizes, and feature a top surface that rotates to fully show off the chosen item or items.

Types of Rotating Jewellery Stands

A variety of rotating stands are available.

  • Solar powered stands are often small and need only be placed in the sunlight to work.
  • Battery powered stands run off batteries, often two small AA or AAA batteries.
  • Corded stands need to be plugged in to a wall socket to work or charge.
  • Earring stands and earring holders often have small wire trees to hang earrings from, some branches of which may rotate freely but not under power.

Rotating Jewellery Stand Materials

Different materials give some stands different looks.

  • Glass top stands are simple, minimal and see-through.
  • Mirror top stands draw the eye and enhance the displayed item.
  • Solid coloured stands can contribute to a room or item’s theme.

Other Jewellery Organiser Options

Other types of jewellery organisers might include jewellery boxes, busts and display cases.