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Rotax Go Kart Engines

Go karting is a good hobby for children and adults, and it's important to make sure your go kart engine is reliable. The Rotax go kart engines can be a good choice for different kinds of go karts, for hobbyists and professional racers.

What Should I Look for in a Go Kart Engine?

When selecting your go kart engine, it's important to consider some factors that impact on the performance of the go kart once it is complete.

  • Speed and horsepower: The first thing that people usually consider in a go kart engine is horsepower. Faster engines are usually larger and heavier, so it may not always be the best choice to select the fastest engine you can find.
  • Power usage and safety: The power usage of the engine should be a consideration, as should whether you wish to select an electric engine or a petrol engine. The safety of the engine is also important, especially if children are going to be using the go kart.
  • Weight and durability: The weight of the engine affects the overall weight of the go kart. It's also important to consider durability, as you want an engine that will last.

What Are Some of the Features of the Rotax Go Kart Engines?

For karting, the Rotax engines can be a good choice for all levels of kart racer. They have a number of features across the range.

  • Different styles to suit your needs: The Rotax engines provide entry level all the way through to professional classes of engine.
  • Durable materials: The Rotax go kart engines use quality, long lasting materials like steel.
  • Easy to maintain and repair: You will be able to learn how to maintain your engine properly with lots of information available about the Rotax engines.

Which Kind of Rotax Engine Should I Select?

When you are starting out karting it can be difficult to pick an engine. Whether you're dealing with a big name, such as with a CRG kart, or a custom build, you might like to consider the following engines to complete your other go kart accessories.

  • 125 Micro Max Evo: This is an entry level Rotax go kart engine, and works well for your first go kart or for children.
  • 125 Max Evo for international racing: If you are looking for a professional level go kart engine, the 125 Max Evo may be a good option.
  • 125 Junior Max Evo: A good middle ground for a mid level racer and this engine puts out 23 horsepower.
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