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Spit Roaster BBQs

Fired up and ready to cook large quantities of meat for friends and family? Whether its a backyard barbecue, picnic, birthday party, engagement party, wedding or any other gathering with hungry guests, youll be cooking whole slabs of meat for the whole crowd with a new spit roast alongside your stainless steel BBQ.

Types of spit rotisseries

Each spit roast is designed to cook a variety of different meats. However, they dont all do the same job. For example, you might be interested in a spit rotisserie with 3 long, 8mm thick stainless steel skewers and/or a series of up to 12 smaller, 2.5-4mm thick stainless steel kebab skewers. A model like this is suitable for chickens, rolls of meat and gyros, souvlaki and kebabs, and charcoal barbecuing. A mini spit roast with only one thick skewer and two prongs might be able to cook the same types of meat, but it definitely wont be able to handle the same amounts at one time. At the other end of the scale, a large single-skewer roasting machine can hold, rotate and roast a pig or lamb over its additional grills. You might also consider a commercial spit roast oven for cooking serious amounts of meat at big events.

Size and power

When it comes to the size of both the overall item and the cooking area, you have plenty of options to choose from. A portable camping spit roaster is approximately 72.5cm x 34cm x 10.5 cm, whereas a full-sized spit rotisserie might be 120cm x 45cm x 25cm, making it suitable for the home or business. This type of spit roast is likely to have a powerful 220-240V motor and will be able to hold 40-60kg of meat, so you will want to be prepared with all your BBQ tools and accessories.

Extra features

Along with high quality stainless steel components, heavy duty motor and a cooking tray for charcoal, you may want a spit roast with extra features including wheels for easy transportation, removable legs, adjustable grill height, and cooking thermometer and cooking instructions. Find one that suits your specifications on eBay today.