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Rotosound Guitar and Bass Strings

Rotosound guitar and bass strings have been manufactured in the United Kingdom since 1958. Some of the world’s most famous guitarists and bassists have used Rotosounds, including Jimi Hendrix, Brian May and John Entwhistle.

Electric Guitar Strings

The flagship Rotosound electric guitar strings are their nickel-and-steel Rotos. They are made using a secret ratio of nickel cover to steel core and they feature extended eyes for increased strength. Roto sets range from lightweight R8 sets to heavyweight R13s. They come in sets made for six, seven, eight and twelve-string guitars. As well as Rotos, Rotosound sells more specialised electric guitar strings for players looking for something different. Darkzones use heavier gauge lower strings to support drop tuning more easily. Pure Nickels are made entirely from nickel with no steel components and give a warmer, more consistent tone. British Steels have no nickel content at all, which increases tonal brightness and is safer for players with nickel allergies.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Rotosound acoustic guitar strings come in a variety of types to suit different musical styles and different players. Their Tru Bronze, Jumbo King and Super Bronze strings are made from a brass alloy, with the Tru Bronze featuring an elevated 20 per cent zinc content for a brighter tone. Rotosound also makes CL1 Superia, CL2 Superia and Superia Pro classical strings, which combine pure nylon treble strings with nylon-cored bass strings that are wound with nickel, silver and copper.

Bass Strings

Rotosound’s range of bass strings is even more extensive than their acoustic and electric guitar ranges. The company makes high-quality standard bass strings like the Swing Bass 66 alongside more specialised types like the piano-wound PSD Bass 99, the drop tuning-friendly Drop Zone and the heavyweight Steve Harris Signature Set as used by the Iron Maiden bassist. Rotosound bass strings come in a variety of gauges and scale lengths, with sets intended for four, five and six-string basses.

Other Strings

Rotosound’s catalogue is not limited to guitar and bass strings. The company also makes strings for orchestral stringed instruments like the violin and cello, as well as specialised string sets for banjos, ukeleles, mandolins and bouzoukis.

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