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Round Decorative Mirrors

Round Decorative Mirrors

We do not hang all mirrors just for checking out how we look; some are ideal as a decorative statement piece. Of course, a statement piece can have a dual purpose. For instance, if you place one near a door, you can give yourself a final once over before leaving the house. Decorative mirrors are a great way to make small rooms look larger. A large, sunburst wall mirror gives any space new life and looks fantastic over a bed, or fireplace mantle.

Location, Location, Location

As with most decorative items, location is as important as the product itself. A Hollywood-style lighted bathroom round decorative mirror would not look as fashionable in the living room. However, when you place it over the sink or vanity, it sets a showbiz tone for the entire room. Large mirrors just about always look good hanging over a sofa. In a room with small windows, a reflective surface adds more light.

Frameless and Free

For a clean, minimised look, consider using a frameless round mirror in your decor. It offers a look that is often understated in a good way. Get a timeless appeal that you will treasure for years to come. Since there is no frame, there is no colouring on the item, so it is sure to match any colour scheme in the room.

Fantastically Framed

Choose from a wide assortment of framed hallway round decorative mirrors. Wood is always a good choice because it practically goes with anything and is available in various shades of colours. Another option is to go with a product that has a frame that covers not only the outer edges, but also overlaps the mirror itself, so instead of having a full round mirror showing, you see glimpses of the mirror peeking out.

Well Placed Collections

Mix up your wall decorations with a collection of round mirrors, either by themselves or intertwined with photos and artwork. Its your wall, so there is no wrong way to decorate. Doing this creates a coordinated look, with similar shapes complementing each other.

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