Rowing Exercise Machines

Rowing Exercise Machines

A rowing exercise machine exercises your upper and lower body without causing undue trauma on your skeleton. With each stroke of the rower, you work your muscles and cardiovascular system. Likewise, you can save money because you dont need to travel to the gym when you can get fit at home. If space is a consideration, purchase a foldaway rowing exercise machine or one that stands upright when not in use. Get the features youll actually use such as a bottle holder, adjustable seat or a timer.

Water Resistance Machines

The flywheel of a water rowing exercise machine emulates how a boat moves through water. Water inside the wheel causes drag which is the resistance you experience when rowing. With a footprint comparable to a dining room chair, users enjoy the rhythmic motion and the sound of splashing water helps them relax. Furthermore, the low impact machine is gentle on the ankles, knees and hips so you won’t have any unnessaccary soreness afterwards. You can change resistance depending on how much water is in the tank.

Air Resistance Machines

You climb onto the sliding seat of an air rowing exercise machine and pull the handlebar to make the fan blades spin which causes air resistance. You can choose a comfortable workout level and look at the LCD display to count calories or track your strokes per minute. Moreover, the anti-slip handlebars and foot pedals keep you safe during high-intensity workouts. The built-in wheels allow you to move the rower to another location or roll it to a closet for storage.

Hydraulic Resistance Machines

Hydraulic rowing exercise machines have one or two pistons filled with fluid to provide resistance. Use the control knob to choose your level of resistance and work major muscle groups such as the backs, legs and arms. Most models include non-skid feet that save the floor from scratches and keep the unit from moving about when in use.