Royal Albert Pottery & Porcelain

Royal Albert Pottery and Porcelain

Creating functional and beautiful glasses, pottery, and porcelain since 1896, Royal Albert delivers when it comes to durability and sheer collectibility. Embellished with traditional floral patterns of various designs and colours, the china offers a timeless way to set the table for any occasion.


Get serious about sitting down to tea with a lovely Royal Albert tea set. Choose your favourite pattern from the famous brand and enjoy a matching set filled with mugs, plates, and tea service supplies, including a porcelain teapot. Add in cream and sugar service and youre ready to serve up tea in the most stylish way possible.

Turn the Tables

Royal Albert pottery, porcelain, and tableware offers the perfect way to set your table for everything from a casual dinner to a family-filled holiday. Tableware comes piecemeal or in sets, so you may wish to purchase a set of plates as it is, or opt for a set that comes with matching bowls and dinner plates. Plates come in various sizes, from smaller options to large designs, and when you pick from the same pattern, youre putting together a set that brings more to the table than just food. Durable, stylish, and elegant, Royal Albert tableware, including bread plates and salt and pepper shakers, make your meal into a work of art.

Its a Setup

If a set of mugs isnt your cup of tea, there are other Royal Albert sets to pick from. A dinner set may either feature a number of matching plates, or a full-sized set that offers up to 60 pieces of porcelain, including serveware. Once you set the table, something may seem missing. Add in a piece or two of Royal Albert decorative and ornamental pottery and porcelain, such as animal figurines in the same pattern as your china. This creates a polished-looking, charming table, and you reduces the need for centrepieces or other types of table decor.

Youve Been Served

Though many know the brand from their tableware and tea mugs, Royal Albert also makes durable serveware. These pieces, such as two-tier cake plates and rectangular sandwich platters, make marvelous additions to a buffet table. Choose elaborate, shell-shaped dishes, or opt for gilded gold-rimmed designs to add glamour to the table.