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The Iconic Rubber Duck

The yellow rubber duck is one of the most iconic children's toys. In fact, it has been enlisted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. A sculptor by the name of Peter Ganine invented the rubber duck in the 1940s. This came about when he started turning his animal sculptures into toys to make a living. The first duck was made out of plastic and marketed as an uncapsizable duck'. The famous TV series, Sesame Street contributed to making the rubber duck famous when Ernie sang a song called Rubber Duckie' in 1970; in fact it was nominated for a Grammy Award.

The Benefits of a Rubber Duck in the Bath

The rubber duck and other bathtime toys can be a great addition to your toddler's bath. Most rubber ducks make a squeaking sound when you squeeze them and that can help sharpen a child's senses. Because the duck floats around in the water, it encourages play, helping develop muscle strength and coordination. If your child is scared of the water or doesn't like taking a bath, a rubber duck can provide a sense of comfort and can make sustaining good hygiene a fun thing to do.

Things Your Kids Can do with a Rubber Duck

There are a number of things your kids can do with a yellow rubber duck. When it is floating around in the bath, you can teach them about buoyancy - play around with the duck and the weight of water. There are even baby bathtime toys designed for the tiniest member of the family. For older children, pop magnets on the bottom of each rubber duck and make a little fishing rod with a magnet tied to it and let your child fish the duck out of the tub. Teach them the names of the different parts of the duck, just as you would with another animal. Have your child squeeze the rubber duck and teach them about staying calm. This can be a great tool for children to ease tension and relieve stress.

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