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Rubber Dumbbells

Weight training is a hugely important part of any strength-building programme, and it makes sense to have the best quality fitness equipment available. It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Rubber dumbbells are a great option for a home workout.

Common Dumbbell Materials

Typically, dumbbells are made from cast iron, each moulded to weigh a specific amount. Rubber dumbbells, hence, are not purely made from rubber; despite the name, they are normally cast iron internally. Rubber refers to the coating that is placed around the dumbbells. The rubber can be synthetic or true rubber made from tree sap, depending on preferences and budget.

Dumbbell Safety

There are two major things that the rubber coating is designed to protect: the environment in the exercise area, and you, the weight trainer. Rubber gives the dumbbell a better grip, decreasing the chances that you will drop it. It also provides some cushioning, protecting body parts and floors from the weight of the equipment. It offers your hands some protection while you’re working out. If you are allergic to latex, rubber is not a suitable choice.


Rubber dumbbells come with a variety of grips to suit individual preference. Straight grips are the most common, but it is possible to buy grips that are contoured to your hands, grips with a different coating that make it easier to hold on, and textured grips that also provide better control of the dumbbell. Rubber can stop the equipment from slipping due to sweat, a common hazard during a workout. However, rubber coatings can crack and break over time, which would require the pair of dumbbells to be replaced.

Dumbbell Shape and Size

Dumbbells come in a variety of shapes and sizes that have slightly differing benefits. Rubber hex dumbbells are the most common, but the hex shape can be more likely to leave marks on the floor if dropped, owing to the corners. Round rubber dumbbells are a more logical choice for keeping your body and floors safe, a quite strong disadvantage being, however, that they can roll around. Choose a hex shape if a top priority is to stop this from happening.

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