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Comfort has ever been so easy to achieve

It can be difficult to manage when your favourite boots or casual shoes are no longer comfortable, you may find yourself unable to walk as far or get as much done in your day. We know this can be frustrating, which is why we offer this incredible range ofrubber shoe soles. Great to alleviate pain while walking or standing, these insoles are worth taking a look through.

Walk further, faster

When your shoe fits well, is stylish, suits your personal style but is beginning to wear down on the inside, you can make them feel brand new again by just slipping a rubber insole, or replacing the existing insole with a matching one from this range. Don’t throw away your favourite shoes when they’re still wearable! This range is designed to take the effort out of shoe repairs and have you back on your feet, walking further in your shoes.

The right fit for you

Whether you are searching for a rubber insole to go within your shoe, a new sole to replace your worn shoes, or a new heel for your home, we have a wide range available right here. With heel repair caps available in a range of sizes and colours, you can customise the height of your favourite boots and work shoes.We stock anti-slip rubber soles that are easy to be glued on to your slightly slippery active wear or work shoes. We even stock anti-slip half soles that cannot just match the colour of your shoe, but also give you more grip and less chance of slipping on those laminated office floors. In addition to brand names such as TOPY and Soltrack, we have a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with some even being designed to be cut and self-adhesive, to fit whatever shoe you need them for.