Running Gloves

Running Gloves

Your fingers are the first thing to feel the cold on a winter's day, especially when running. It doesn’t matter how well covered up the rest of your body is, exposed extremities can make your run a chilly and miserable experience. Running gloves will keep an outdoor enthusiast’s hands toasty for hours. Judging when it is cold enough for gloves is a personal matter. Some runners wear them when the outside temperature drops below 10 degrees centigrade.

Things to Look for When Buying Running Gloves

There are a few things you need to think about when choosing the right pair of running gloves for you. Running gloves have different levels of warmth. It is important to make sure your running gloves protect you from the wind. Gloves with wind protection will have a few layers. Make sure your running gloves fit you like a glove, too.

Men’s Running Gloves

Running gloves for men vary widely. Modular gloves can be worn on top of regular gloves or mittens and claim to fit the hand very snugly. Good ones to look for have an extra fleece layer. When it isn't too cold, Men’s fleece mittens are a lightweight option which can be taken off and stored in pockets, or otherwise worn under regular gloves. A waterproof option are technical shell gloves with their inner layer of brushed fleece fabric. Several outdoor gear companies make these.

Women’s Running Gloves

While many companies market their running gloves as unisex, tastes differ, and women as a gender are well served by running glove makers. An option for those wanting non-irritant gloves is silk fabric. Ultra-thin pure silk gloves are popular and intended as an inner layer. On top, a good precaution to guard against cold is to wear women’s fleece gloves. Some runners opt for fingerless gloves that have a flip-over cap to become mittens.

Dual or Multi-Purpose Gloves

Lastly, running gloves can double up as skiing or snowboarding gloves. But if buying gloves strictly for running purposes, look for a pair with reflective strips for greater visibility. Similarly, wearers who decide to check out gloves suitable both for cycling and running will find that manufacturers have risen to that challenge, too.