Make a playdate with eBay's range of fun stuffed animals and toys from Russ

Looking for the ideal gift for the little ones in your life? Look no further than the classic collection of Russ stuffed animals and toys. With thousands of these classic plush favourites available online every day, eBay can help have your loved ones hugging a special new fuzzy friend in no time.

Whether you're celebrating a newborn, offering comfort during a tricky transition or adding to an existing toy gang, stuffed teddy bears are a timeless present. Russ's teddies come in a variety of sizes, colours and personalities so they can be thoughtfully matched to their future owner.

Every child has a favourite animal (or three!). That's why Russ has an extensive range of cuddly creatures to make your kid smile. Your toy chest could end up looking like Noah's Ark, with everything from toy dogs, rabbits and bears, to turtles, chickens and giraffes looking for their forever home. And if your child is into magical creatures, they'll be thrilled to meet Russ's adorable stuffed unicorn.

And when it comes to toys, kids don't have to have all the fun. There's plenty of joy for the adults, too, particularly when it comes to Russ TV and movie character toys. The 1990s saw a huge spike in the popularity of Trolls, the distinctive squat gnomes sporting brightly coloured hair that originated in the 1960s. Subsequently Russ produced a diverse collection of Troll dolls that continue to spark happiness in toy fans around the globe today.

Russ Berrie, the founder of Russ, lived by the slogan "make someone happy." What better way to do so than by picking up an adorable stuffed teddy bear, distinctive stuffed toy animal or classic toy from eBay today?