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Russian Coins

Russian coins trace a long and complicated history, following many changes in currency and government. The coins sold online range from commemorative and historic to legal tender. Some are more valuable for their significance to collectors, whereas others have a precious metal content that gives them their value. Collecting these coins is an interesting and rewarding pursuit, and can be a great investment.

Benefits of Collecting Russian Coins

Russian coins are a relatively inexpensive focus for collecting. A collector can track down examples as far back as the 1700s without spending too much. can also be purchased for their bullion value. Many coins are artistically very beautiful, which appeals to collectors and can enhance their resale value. The combination of affordability, accessibility and resale value makes them a great choice for collectors of foreign coins.

Russian Kopek and Ruble Coins

In the 18th century, Russian became the first country to adopt a decimal currency system. The kopek is worth 1/100 of a ruble, with even smaller denominations being polushkas at a quarter of a kopek, and a denga at a half of a kopek. These coins come in a range of copper, silver and gold which makes their value differ widely. The lower denominations are a great place for novice collectors to start, as they are widely available and inexpensive.

Russian Silver Coins

Since the 1980s, Russia has released containing up to 90 per cent silver content. They range from coins minted as legal tender, to commemorative coins that contain only collector and metal value. The most common denominations are 3, 5 and 10 ruble coins, and many have a generous amount of precious metal in them. That increases their worth beyond the face value of the coin.

Russian Gold Coins

Gold Russian coins are increasing in popularity for collectors and gold investors. They fall into three categories in time - the empire period before 1917, up until World War II, and after 1971 when the Soviet Union fell. Imperial gold is rare and highly collectible. Most are prized for their gold content, but others have numismatic value. Russian gold coins can have huge historical meaning as well as tending to hold their value.