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Rusty is a surf wear brand based in Perth, Western Australia. It’s been making quality surf wear and boards for Aussie surfers for decades now. These days, it’s branched out a little from the strict surf and skate gear that it used to produce. You’ll find a big range of men’s and women’s casual clothing from Rusty, both brand new and vintage pieces, right here.

Rusty Women’s Tops & Blouses

Every year, Rusty makes many tees, tanks, camis, blouses, shirts, crop tops, kimono tops, hoodies, and jackets. They’re designed to look good on relaxed weekends and evenings hanging out with mates. You’re not going to find a lot of ‘smart casual’ wear here; what you will find, though, is a selection of tops designed for women who are on the go all weekend and like to have fun while they do it. Styles wander a bit between surfer and skater, with a bit of boho chucked into the mix now and then. If you’re looking to bolster a bare wardrobe with some Rusty basics, start with a couple of spaghetti strap camisoles – back in style and very retro. Add a couple of vintage Rusty tees. Add a button-down shirt for occasions that are a little dressier. Then chuck in a kimono top and a hoodie, and you have a simple selection of the basic tops you’ll need to create a few different outfits.

Rusty Dresses

While surf wear and dresses might not seem an obvious pairing, a simple dress can be a simple and easy cover up for a bikini or one-piece swimsuit. Pop it on and you’re instantly street ready – and you don’t have to worry about sand from your feet getting into your shorts or trousers. Maxi dresses are a great choice, with the extra sun protection for your legs. But most of the dresses that Rusty sell will work well – just make sure that they’re loose rather than fitted, or you’ll have a struggle pulling on your dress over damp skin.

Rusty Women’s Pants

Rusty’s pants and shorts tend to work well for skating more so than surfing. They’re sturdy, with stretch to allow you to move and manoeuvre. You’ll find a big selection of cargo pants, as Rusty has tended to specialise in these. Less frequently, you’ll spot sweatpants, denim jeans and shorts, dropped crotch leap pants, and even the occasional boho offering like floral velvet flares. The vast majority of Rusty’s trousers, shorts, and track pants are practical and great for use in an active life.

Rusty Women’s Clothing

Rusty doesn’t only produce leisure wear. It also offers a range of swimsuits, footwear, and other accessories. While it does make classic teeny tiny bikinis for lying around on the beach, it also produces a great range of practical swimmers in one piece and two-piece styles. And other options abound too, like board shorts in varying leg lengths and rash vests to give you some protection from sun as well as sand abrasion if you choose to head out for a surf without a wetsuit.

Rusty Men’s Shorts

From boardies to denim, Rusty provides all sorts of shorts – except generally dress shorts! – for a host of occasions. Board shorts are great for will we/won’t we days when you’re not sure exactly what activities might be going on, but you want to make sure you’re ready if everyone decides to head for the water. Cargo shorts are handy for long outings where you might need a few supplies secreted around your person, and Rusty’s ‘walk shorts’ are good for uhh… walking. Big surprise there.


If you’re a fan of the Rusty brand, chances are you’re a surfer – or you’d like to try it. Why not take the plunge and pick up a Rusty board as well? After all, surfboards were the owners first love, and Rusty has been producing boards ever since. If this will be your first surfboard, most experts recommend soft boards as opposed to fibreglass (less chance of serious injury to you or the board if you collide), a wider, thicker board over a sleek thin one (better chance of catching a wave, and better stability when you do), and a longboard that’s around 90-100 centimetres taller than you. Second-hand boards can be fine to learn on, although as you progress you might decide to buy one that’s brand new.

What to wear with your Rusty outfit?

An outfit isn’t finished once you have a top and a pair of pants. Nope, you’ll also need shoes, for a start. While some people swear by thongs for the beach, other people find that they mostly swear at them. Slides are often a better choice, because they have more grip on your feet and therefore will tend to give you better stability. 

Other people like sandals, but most find that the comfort and stability of a sensible pair of sandals are outweighed by the irritation caused by either walking with sand in one’s shoes or stopping every few seconds, taking off the sandals, shaking them off, and putting them back on – usually while hopping like an unusually ungainly kangaroo. Now that you have foot protection sorted, the next thing to worry about is skin protection. Grab a bottle of a quality sunscreen (the expense is worth the lack of skin cancer removal pain). Cancer Council sunscreen tends to be an acknowledged favourite amongst Aussies up and down the Australian coastline. Next: eye protection. Tinted goggles are generally your best bet, as they’re most likely to stay put over your eyes if you get tumbled a few times by a wave or three. They’ll keep the sun from dazzling you, and they’re cheap enough that losing an occasional pair isn’t a disaster. Some people use sunglasses with a sports band instead; this isn’t quite as stable as goggles, but a workable option. Rusty also has a range of accessories available, so shop eBay today.