S&S Cycle Motorcycle Carburettors and Parts

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S&S Cycle Motorcycle Carburettors and Parts

While most modern motorcycles use fuel injected engines, there are a number that still rely on carburettors. While not a first-party motorcycle manufacturer, S&S Cycle makes a wide range of aftermarket motorcycle carburettors for performance enthusiasts. It's all about getting the most performance from the bike you already have.

Understanding Carburettors

Motorcycle carburettors are fairly simple to understand. They are an ingenious solution to the problem that while you fill your tank with petrol in liquid form, liquid petrol doesn't burn. The carburettor takes advantage of a principle called the venturi effect to draw drops of petrol into a fast-moving airstream where it can vaporise creating a fuel/air mixture that does burn.

Carburettors and Parts

S&S Cycle produces both motorcycle carburettors and parts for many popular motorcycles, particularly Harley Davidson. The easiest way to deal with a carburettor is to replace the whole thing, but sometimes that may not be practical. One alternative is to look for a carburettor rebuild kit, which lets you use the same carburettor body and simply replace the interior parts as needed.

Parts of a Carburettor

When it comes to rebuilding carburettors, S&S Cycle motorcycle fuel jets and injectors are some of the most important parts you can install. The jets produce the fine petrol spray that mixes with air to create the fuel charge. They do require replacement over time as the constant spray of petrol can actually wear down the jets. You should also check the float and always be sure to replace gaskets.

S&S Carburettors

There are two main reasons for looking at S&S carburettors for your motorcycle. The first is performance; many aftermarket carburettors provide better overall performance than the stock factory designs. Another is availability, especially for older bikes. When you are looking to rebuild an older motorcycle, it can be almost impossible to source new parts from the manufacturer. Shifting to third-party parts from S&S Cycle can give you the confidence that only comes with brand new parts.