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SCARPA Hiking Shoes & Boots

SCARPA Hiking Shoes Boots

Be prepared for rough terrain on your next adventure with the right hiking boots. As one of the most important pieces of your hiking equipment, you want to ensure your feet are protected for the long day. While you can find unbranded hiking shoes and boots, SCARPA makes high-quality products with the features and styles you want.


When searching for hiking shoes and boots by SCARPA, you will find they come in various series. Each series has its own design style and includes specific features. There are the SCARPA Delta Fly boots along with the Zen Pro shoes, which are also made for hiking. The lightweight Margarita are made more for walking along with Cyrus. SCARPA Terra GTX is designed for more heavy-duty hiking over rugged trails.


Choose from different colours for your hiking boots. Select neutral colours like black, brown or grey to blend in with the trail. You can also choose colours like blue or even those with multiple colours on the design to fit your personality. Most of the colours tend to be darker, allowing them to show less mud and dirt while youre hiking.


Select the right size of boot or shoe to ensure a comfortable fit for your hike. Dont forget to consider the width as well as the length to prevent and irritation to your foot while walking, the pain will be amplified over long distances.


Depending on the series you choose for your SCARPA hiking boots and shoes, you will discover special features. Many of them are waterproof, enabling you to walk through water or in rainy weather without letting your feet get wet. Some include a thicker sole with a deep tread to handle slick and slippery surfaces with ease. Others are lightweight, designed more for a stroll or a walk along a well-formed path.