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Sharp Cash Registers

Cash registers are an important part of any retail business or food outlet. You need somewhere to be able to record your sales and keep money safe from prying eyes. While many companies may prefer to have a POS system, cash registers are perfect for start-ups and small businesses due to their affordability, ease of use, and basic functions. You probably already know of the brand Sharp, which makes a range of home and office appliances. They make a good range of cash registers for you to choose from with various features.

XEA147WH Model

Perhaps one of the more basic Sharp cash registers is the XEA147WH. This model is compact with easy set up and operation. It features an easy to read LED display, a thermal printer and you can transfer data to your computer through the SD card feature.

XEA217 Model

The XEA217W model features a flat keyboard and allows you to input thousands of items over up to 99 departments. It has easy programming and a quick thermal printer that can print your logo on your customer receipts. It comes in both white and black.

XEA307 Model

The Sharp XEA307 model has loads of features and will make running your business a lot easier. It has a large multi-line LCD display and can display an electronic journal. It has capability of 10,000 price look-ups and you can have quick sales registration. There is a simple way to transfer sales data to your computer through an SD card and the option to have a barcode reader.

Before Buying a Cash Register

Before purchasing a new cash register, make sure to read over the specifications carefully and work out if it's the right machine for you. With so many different features on offer, it's important to get a cash register that is going to work well with your business and make your life much easier in terms of sales recording. Having a good cash register does not necessarily mean buying a brand new one, as there are many older used models that may still be able to suit your needs.