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Protect Your Head With These SHOEI Designer Helmets 

With the price of fuel getting more expensive, more and more people are deciding that using a motorcycle to get from A to B is becoming more a necessity than a dream. Regardless of whether you are choosing to get on a motorcycle for pleasure or necessity, one of the most important pieces of safety gear you will invest in is a helmet. SHOEI motorcycle and motorsports helmets are a premium, Japanese hand-made product, with 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing. 

The complete guide to Shoei helmets and their unique properties

Shoei helmets are widely known for their high quality and durability. The Shoei company was founded in Japan in 1959 by Eitaro Kamata. The company started as a manufacturer of motorcycle racing helmets but has since grown to produce a wide range of footwear, clothing, and gear. They have also begun to manufacture other products, such as car parts.

Shoei helmets are lightweight and have an aerodynamic design, making them popular among many motorcycle riders worldwide. Wearing a helmet is essential in protecting your head and brain from injury. Shoei helmets are durable, comfortable, and offer a variety of safety features that make them perfect for any riding.

Product highlight: Shoei X-8 helmet

The Shoei X-8 helmet is a lightweight and aerodynamic helmet designed to provide the best protection. It has a shell made of polycarbonate, which is a durable and robust material. The Shoei X-8 helmet also has an EPS liner, which is meant to absorb the impact of any potential crash or collision. The liner also has venting, which helps with the cooling process.

Get comfortable, set your filters to shop for your SHOEI motorcycle helmet, by size, full face, open face, or modular helmet and get ready to shop. You will find GT-Air II, J-Cruise open face, NXR full face, Hornet ADV adventure helmets, replacement visors, and beanies. Depending on your budget you may want to shop for used over new. Be sure to check with the seller on their returns policy, postage costs and delivery timeframes. Make sure you also get a kids motorbike helmet if you need it, and there are other Simpson helmets available online as well for a great price.