Prepaid Phone Recharge Cards

Prepaid phone recharge cards offer different values of credits you can consume via your prepaid mobile phone number. Prepaid phone numbers are not postpaid numbers. The mobile user is responsible for making sure that network service continues month to month thru the purchase of recharge cards or vouchers. These are accessible online making it convenient to recharge at any time.

What are Reliable Providers of Recharge Card Service?

In Australia, these three mobile companies are some of the most trustworthy for mobile phone users:

  1. Telstra. Australians know Telstra to have the widest coverage in the country. It is one of Australia's leading technology and telecommunications company.
  2. Optus. Providing more than Optus mobile phones, the company has been crafting more services and award-winning innovations to consumers. It received the award for 'Best in Test' P3 Connect Mobile Benchmark, 2017. Optus offers a trial period for new customers wherein they have 30 days to try the network for free and cancel without obligations if unsatisfied.
  3. Vodafone. Another popular network provider is Vodafone. It's quite popular for its $5 Roaming fee, no lock-in contracts, Instant Connect and more.

What Mobile Recharge Offerings are Available?

Some of the most saleable prepaid mobile recharge are:

  1. Half price recharge cards. These recharge cards offer the same value but at 50 percent cheaper than the normal price.
  2. Double Data recharge cards. Some offer recharge values at regular price but grants a double allocation on data usage. These are good for medium to heavy data users.
  3. Starter cards. These starter cards are a combo offering of a starter sim plus credit inclusion for calls, texts, data or all of these three. These are good bargains you may want to consider buying when testing out different networks.

What are Things to Consider When Buying Prepaid Phone Recharge Cards?

Here are two things to consider before purchasing any recharge card:

  1. Validity dates. Some carry short validity dates. Make sure to check that you have enough time to consume all the bonus offers. Else, it could be a waste of money if you get to use only a little.
  2. Strength of signal. It can be tempting to buy cheap recharge cards especially from network providers you haven't tried before, but heck for network coverage in your area before trying out a new prepaid SIM card.