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SINGER Sewing Machines

Singer, a company established in 1851, has long been one of the pioneers of quality sewing machines. They have many models catering to different sewing needs, and whether you are purchasing for yourself or a loved one who is a sewing enthusiast, you can depend a Singer sewing machine to help you create beautiful pieces out of needle, thread, and fabric.

Electronic Sewing Machine

For novice tailors and those who love to experiment with various types of stitches, an electronic sewing machine is the perfect type of sewing machine to invest in, as these machines typically have a lot of automated functions and inbuilt stitches. Some of the functions that electronic sewing machines can have include automatic needle threading, automatic tension, automatic thread cutting, 1-step buttonholes, and so on, which can help make the sewing process faster and more consistent. Some of the Fashion Mate and Legacy machines in the Singer line are electronic machines.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Mechanical sewing machines are not quite as fancy as electronic sewing machines, and need a lot of things to be manually set. You can recognise a mechanical machine by the knobs and dials that it has, and these are the main control options. Mechanical sewing machines, while more time-consuming to use for elaborate stitches, can be adequate if you only carry out some basic stitches.

Embroidery Sewing Machines

Embroidery craft sewing machines are specially designed for the purpose of embroidering designs onto fabric. Most modern machines have inbuilt designs in them, so that the process can be automated without much struggle. The Futura range among Singer sewing machines is an example of the type of models you can choose from.


No piece of stitched fabric is complete without a good finish at the end. This is where Singer sergers come in, providing that professional touch to the finishes on your stitched items. From lightweight simple finishes to heavy-duty work, there are different models to help you achieve the results you want.