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SINGER Sewing Overlockers

SINGER overlockers are a type of serger sewing machine, which although similar to conventional sewing machines, they have a couple of key differences that make them the machine of choice for making and adjusting items of clothing. SINGER sewing machines and overlockers are available in home-use models, which are suitable for the hobbiest sewer. They are also a leading manufacturer of industrial sewing tools built for heavy use in commercial sewing shops and factories.

Ideal For Garment Sewing

SINGER overlockers are perfect for making ready-to-wear clothing and have several features that make them superior to ordinary sewing machines for this purpose. The overlockers in SINGER’s range are capable of sewing seams at speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute. Better yet, these machines allow the operator to cut away superfluous fabric from the edge of the garment, while hemming the end simultaneously.

Suitable For All Fabrics

Types of fabric that can be difficult manage with a sewing machine are far easier to sew with a SINGER overlocker. The high-speed, multi-thread stitch of the overlocker makes light work of all woven fabrics from very light silks to heavy denims. Sewing garments such as swimwear which need to be able to stretch is also far easier with an overlocker machine, thanks to their ability to create built-in stretch seams.

Machines For Home-Use

The SINGER 14SH754 overlocker is an affordable and effective option for home-use. This machine comes with several additional features that you would not usually expect to find on an overlocker within this price range. Designed with reliability and versatility in mind, the SINGER 14SH754 makes even complicated sewing projects easy with its one touch operation, allowing you to cut, sew and finish a seam simultaneously. This SINGER overlocker also comes with nine in-built stitching patterns and the option to convert to free-arm sewing.

Industrial Overlockers

Among SINGER’s line of industrial overlockers is the 321C Economic Overlocker, featuring a powerful 2850 RPM motor. All SINGER industrial overlockers are designed to be reliable and easy to operate in a commercial setting. The differential feed is easily adjusted by an operator using a lever and adjustment screw, while the cloth plate is simple to remove when the machine needs to be cleaned and re-threaded. SINGER industrial overlockers have automatic lubrication capability and a built-in needle cooler to ensure the machines will easily withstand heavy, commercial use.