Compression Clothing From Skins

SKINS provides compression sportswear for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The half tights provide compression to upper leg muscles while the shorts support the lateral rotator group including support for deep buttock muscles.

What are the advantages of compression clothing? 

Unlike regular stretchable fabrics, compression sportswear like shorts can help improve body temperature control and provide better resistance to elements. It can also minimise chafing and provide a snug fit, so you won’t have to worry about it riding up when doing intense physical activities. SKINS compression sportswear also has UV protection and moisture-wicking features.

Compression clothing can help promote better blood flow and improve oxygenation of muscles. Improved oxygenation can also help your muscles recover better and faster. This can mean better recovery even after a particularly strenuous training or workout session.

Compression shorts can help reduce risk of injury by preventing muscles from over-exertion.SKINS has muscle wrapping seams that provide the right level of compression and their fabrics are cut to minimise muscle vibration and improve focus.

SKINS DNAmic Core range is designed for those who want to get the most out of their physical activities, whether sports or fitness training. It features the DNAmic Gradient Compression technology which has been scientifically proven to improve endurance, increase power output, reduce risk of injury and manage body temperature.

SKINS compression clothing can also be worn as recovery aid, when travelling to minimise the effects of jetlag and avoid deep vein thrombosis, and even in the workplace, especially if you frequently stand or walk on hard surfaces.

It is not recommended for pool swimming because chlorine can damage the fabric. Seawater is acceptable but it should be rinsed in freshwater after use.

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