SLR FIlm Cameras

Auto SLR film cameras or Single-Lens Reflex cameras provide true photography enthusiasts with a level of unique, artistic control that is hard to replicate in the digital world. These cameras, not to be confused with the more modern DSLR, utilize 35mm film and a variety of manual controls. Users can alter timing, aperture, and other fine details. Photographers can expand their artistic horizons by not only capturing images with a manual SLR film camera, but also developing photographs by hand.

Top Brands

The most well-known producers of SLR cameras include Minolta, Samsung, Canon, and Nikon film cameras. Although Canon and Nikon tend to be the forerunners, each brand and style of camera has its own beloved group of followers.


SLR cameras are a great option for budding photographers, as they are far less expensive to buy than DSLR cameras. The cameras and their accessories are available for a fraction of the cost they once were. Also, DSLR cameras are constantly being updated, which means what is purchased today for a digital photog setup will likely be obsolete within a few years. The art of analog photography has and always will be frozen in time. Used SLR cameras are easy to find and have a unique and creative appeal. Photographers will likely spend more time and invest a bit more in obtaining and developing 35mm film, as the number of 24-hour-film developers has declined significantly.

Creative Control

SLR cameras give enthusiasts the ability to experiment with timing, exposure, lighting, and various lenses. The variables are infinite. The cameras themselves are durable and quite rugged. The images produced are truly one-of-a-kind.

Lense Options

Lense options for the standard SLR camera include standard, closeup, wide angle, and telephoto. These allow users the ability to capture special images from a certain angle in order to achieve a specific aesthetic. Although the modern photography world is dominated by digital options, film cameras offer a unique option that allow the artist to stand out. Analog photography is an art form where true skill and thought are required to obtain the perfect shot.