Dont miss amazing deals on Smeg appliances

Italian home appliance company Smeg is loved for its excellent quality, functional and stylish home appliances. Best known for its retro style fridge freezers, the brand has made a name for itself making kitchenware for the cool and modern home. There are dozens of new and pre-owned and brand new retro-inspired kitchen goods just a few simple clicks away here on eBay.

Smeg is synonymous with its best-selling product, retro style American fridge freezers. These come in a variety of different colours, from pink, blue and green to black, white and silver. Choose between something jazzy to add a pop of colour to your own or stick with something classic. There are Smeg fridges listed with hinges on the left and right side, so keep in mind where the fridge will sit in your kitchen and which way you would like it to open while shopping. Not only to Smeg fridges look fantastic, but theyre also kind to the environment. Smeg places importance on reducing the customers carbon footprint. All appliances are optimised to reduce the amount of electricity used, while the brand also chooses to use easily recyclable materials to make sure nothing goes to waste. 

Aside from the classic retro American style model, you might also like to consider the frost-free model. These are built to prevent frost from ruining your precious food and beverages. Alternatively, there are Smeg 50/50 fridge freezers, a great option for those who find that their fridges and freezers are in equal demand. 

Youll find much more than Smeg fridges listed here on eBay. There plenty of other appliances like tea kettles, electric ovens, microwave ovens, coffee machines and mixers. One of the most popular Smeg appliances, aside from the brands infamous refrigerators, is the Smegs statement toasters, which fit two or four slices of bread. Just like the fridges, these come in eye-catching colours, so its easy to coordinate all of your Smeg kitchen products.