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SNS Nail Polish

SNS Nail Polish

If you are a nail enthusiast, then SNS nail polish, nail gels, nail lacquers and nail kits must be on your ‘must get items’ list. SNS is a nail brand which aims to promote healthy natural nails and keeps innovating nail items for its fans worldwide. SNS is a 30-year-old, family owned brand which started from a small salon and now has gained popularity and a loyal fan base all around the world. The most popular SNS items include nail dipping powders and SNS Gelstar. SNS has an extensive range of separate products for direct consumers, salon owners and distributors.

SNS Range of Nail Polishes

SNS has a lot of exciting products in its nail polish range, such as SNS glitter nail polishes, SNS glow in the dark nail polishes, SNS Gelstar formula, SNS nail dipping powders, and a range of bases, sealers and matching nail lacquers. It is also in the process of introducing a master match system for its fans so that they can find any shade that they want.

SNS Gelstar Polish

SNS Gelstar is also an innovative gel based nail polish which has essential oils to strengthen the nail bed. The Gelstar formulations are available in a wide variety of colours and have plenty of benefits such as easy to application and removal, and the formula is lightweight and durable so that no alcohol top coat is needed to finish the look. The final look of SNS Gelstar is mirror like and the nail paint lasts easily for 14 days.

SNS Nail Dipping Powders

SNS Nail dipping powders were launched in 1990 and were a breakthrough item in the beauty and nail industry. The thought behind this fantastic product was that nails should not be harmed. Therefore, the base with the dipping powders was extremely nutritious for the nails and was packed with vitamins such as calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Vitamin B5. Therefore, on each application of the nail powder with the base, the nail gets much needed nutrients. Moreover, the nail gels are available in a dazzling array of colours and their longevity is brilliant and lasts for a full 2 weeks.