The SOG company was founded by a young designer who was inspired by combat knives used in Vietnam. The United States Special Forces Unit that used these special knives was known as MACV-SOG, and this is how the name was born. Today, SOG manufactures a complete line of everyday, hunting and tactical knives, as well as multi-tools, gear and other accessories. Approved and endorsed by the US military, SOG knives are durably well-made and endorsed by experienced users.

Everyday Knives

SOG is most well-known for their knives, and while some knives serve many purposes, much of the product line focuses on everyday knives, not for table use, but more SOG pocket knives and everyday carry knives. You'll find knife handles made of bone, carbon fibre and other strong materials. These everyday knives fit easily into your pocket or satchel.

Hunting and Tactical Knives

SOG hunting knives and tactical knives are the crux of the product line. With extremely sharp blades, these knives include bowie knives, automatic knives, fixed knives and others. Material and construction are the same, as you'll find a lot of steel, carbon fibre and bone used in the making of the handles and the blades. Some knives, like the hunting line, come with a protective sheath.

Other SOG Tools

SOG is also well-known for making small tools, such as multi-tools. These products offer much more than the small switchblade currently on your key ring. Look for a multi-tool that's a must-have while camping or hunting, such as the Powerpoint. This tool includes a blade, bottle opener, wire cutter, scissors, ruler, gripper, jewellery driver and over 10 more tools.


SOG also manufactures a line of accessories as well as apparel. Look for things you may need out in the field as a first responder, hunter or soldier, such as sheaths, small saws, cutters, pouches and multi-tool parts you can add to your present SOG multi-tool. When it comes to apparel, you can shop SOG hats and T-shirts in several different colours and designs.