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Whether you're enjoying a family movie night or just watching a football game, a SONIQ TV makes an excellent centrepiece to your living room. From bingeing your favourite show to beating your friends at console gaming, you spend a lot of time looking at your TV so you want one that you can enjoy looking at.

Screen Size

For most viewers, the most important number is the screen size. The bigger the screen on your SONIQ LED Television, the easier it is to catch all the action. For the living room you can go as big as a 75-inch TV and bring that sense of total immersion to your viewing experience. In the bedroom, you can go down to as small as a 32-inch TV, and still take in your favourite shows.

True High Definition

The bigger your television screen, the more high definition matters. A 32-inch SONIQ LCD television looks great at 720p resolution; but when you more than double the size, you have to increase the resolution in order to keep the picture looking sharp. For bigger TVs, you can go to Full HD which more than double the number of pixels of 720p, or even try 4K Ultra HD, which has four times as many. With smaller TVs you can easily enjoy standard high definition, especially if it is at the foot of the bed. However, when you sit right in front of a 60-inch or larger TV, you will thank yourself for choosing a higher resolution.

SONIQ Features

All SONIQ LED TVs come with a wide range of inputs and other features so you can enjoy your viewing the way you want to. HDMI inputs give you a direct connection from your Blu-ray or DVD player to your TV. Some TVs even include a Chromecast so you can take advantage of all your favourite streaming services.

Television Accessories

To really get the most out of your SONIQ television, you need the right accessories. From wall mounts to HDMI cables, accessories are an integral part of the viewing experience. Try a set or two of 3D glasses and watch as movies gain a whole new dimension.