SRAM Rear Derailleurs 7 Speed


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7-Speed SRAM Bicycle Rear Derailleurs

Shift quickly, seamlessly and more precisely across multiple gears with the highly-responsive SRAM rear derailleurs as you chuck laps on your 7-speed bicycle. American component giant SRAM, founded in 1987 by Scott, Ray and Sam, tinkers incessantly to improve its range of road and mountain bicycle components. The results are durable, high-performing parts and road groupsets that make a world of difference to both amateur and champion cyclists, such as Aussies Mirinda Carfrae and Melissa Hauschildt.

Cage Length

Since bicycle rear derailleurs, or rear mechs, shift the chain up and down and maintain its tension, they come in varied cage lengths to handle different chain capacities, such as the short cage length that works well on a bike with a double chainset. If your bicycle has a large range of gears or a triple chainset, choose the long cage 7-speed SRAM rear derailleurs as they handle longer trousers in the chain with ease.

Bike Type

SRAM has different cable pull ratios for each particular bicycle riding discipline, so ensure that you select the correct discipline for your bike or it will misalign with the cassette cogs. For instance, mountain bike rear mechs wrap more chain, have a wider cassette and can handle larger cogs than road bikes.

SRAM Rear Derailleur Technology

Push and lock to install your bicycle wheel or chain hassle-free and in quick time using SRAMs patented Cage Lock technology, or cut down the constant slapping against your rear derailleur with the tension control feature on a Roller Bearing clutch.

Optimal Compatibility

Replace like-for-like when buying your new rear derailleurs for optimal, problem-free compatibility. Mixing components from other manufacturers or even different models within brands may result in poor shifting and a frustrating riding experience. Therefore, aim for the exact model of SRAM bicycle rear derailleurs and SRAM shifters as those youre replacing to achieve precision performance.