SSD PC Ultrabooks

These lightweight SSD PC ultrabooks are available in your preferred brand. Users may prefer a PC with a solid state drive because it has no moving parts and uses NAND flash memory to extend its lifespan. SSDs are generally faster and more reliable than HDDs.

Product Lines of SSD Ultrabooks

You can choose a Lenovo ThinkPad with 15.5 hours of battery life that recharges to 80 per cent capacity in 60 minutes. Most ThinkPads are known to be lightweight laptops, weighing about 1.14 kg so you can carry it with you to visit a friend or complete college assignments. Choose a HP EliteBook laptop that has a secondary battery connector and HD anti-glare screen or a Asus ProBook that uses a SensePoint pointstick in place of a mouse.

Features of SSD Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks have screen sizes ranging from 33 to 43 cm and due to their slim profile have a sleek and stylish appearance. You'll find examples using older Windows operating systems such as 7 or newer Windows 10 versions. Moreover, ultrabooks use Intel Core processors with processing speeds ranging between 1.00 to 3.99GHz. With SSD laptops containing 1 GB to 16 GB and more of available memory, you can store music, download apps and software as well as keep copies of personal documents.