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STIHL Chainsaw Chains

STIHL Chainsaw Chains

Your STIHL chainsaw is only as good as the chain attached to the bar. If you have the wrong chain on your saw, you won’t be able to cut through the wood smoothly and safely. Each STIHL chain is for all types of wood cutting. What’s more, each chain is pre-stretched before it leaves the factory to eliminate excessive stretching during the first few times you use it.

Chain Size

There are three numbers you need to know to find the right chain size for your chainsaw. You have to know the pitch, gauge and the number of drive links on your saw’s bar. This information should be located in the paperwork that comes with your saw, so you don’t have to take the measurements yourself.

Regular or Low Kickback Chains

For most users, kickback can be a real problem and needs addressing before you ever start the tool. To make your task safer, STIHL offers low kickback chains. However, professional users, who work with chainsaws every day, prefer the regular chain that is not for low kickback. If you choose to go with a regular chain, it’s recommended you wear personal protective equipment including chaps, hard hat, face shield, protective gloves and work boots.

Brand Vs Unbranded Chains

When it comes to STIHL chainsaws, it’s best to purchase branded STIHL branded parts and chains. It’s easy to match your model of the saw with the part number on the chainsaw chain package to ensure it’s a compatible part. Of course, just about any chainsaw chain will probably work fine, but why take a chance. You demanded the best when you purchased your STIHL tool, don’t settle when it comes to the parts you put on it.

Chain Sharpeners

To keep your chain working at its maximum performance you need to keep it clean and sharp. The STIHL 2 in 1 Filing Guide sharpens the chain cutters and lowers the depth gauges at the same time. For those that like to do it themselves, the complete filing kit comes with a file guide, depth gauge, round file, flat file and two file handles in a handy tool pouch. No matter which way you choose to sharpen your chain, the important part is that you do it properly, so your chain lasts longer.