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STIHL Chainsaw Parts and Accessories

STIHL chainsaws are an efficient wood-cutting power tool. They come in various models, each of which varies in its size and features. As such, when shopping for STIHL chainsaw parts, it is important to take your specific project requirements and budget into account. It is also wise to consider your own physical stature in order to ensure the right fit of the STIHL spare parts.

Guide Bars

STIHL guide bars feature induction-heat-treated edges that deliver high wear resistance during use. Over time, these edges can become worn out, and if they are not replaced, they can cause damage to the chain. Depending on the model, STIHL chainsaws are compatible with guide bars that are 10 to 59 inches in length. There are also over 80 bar configurations, making it easy to match the right guide bar to your specific cutting requirements.


There is nothing more frustrating than breaking a chain mid-way through a job. In order to find the right replacement, it is important to know both the model number of your STIHL chainsaw and the bar length. It is also important to know the number of lugs, the pitch and the gauge. No matter which STIHL chainsaw chain you opt for, youll need to choose one that is compatible with the guide bar.

Blade Covers

Blade covers help to protect users against accidental injury. They also protect the blade itself from damage. These accessories are made of simple plastic and are only to be used when the chainsaw is not in use.

Battery vs. Electric

Battery-operated STIHL saws run on battery charge, and as such are cordless. Conversely, electric chainsaws require a power source, which means that they are corded; however, because there is no need for a battery, these units are often more lightweight, in addition to providing an infinite run time.