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STIHL Chainsaws

STIHL is a trusted brand when it comes to chainsaws. The company provides features that not only make its product easier to use but safer. For example, when looking at STIHL chainsaw chains for your tool, check out the line of reduced-kickback chains that are less-aggressive and reduce the chance of taking too large a bit out of the wood which can cause kickback. Safety is important but so is having equipment that will last for years.

Homeowner Saws

Not every STIHL chainsaw is for the professional; many come with the homeowner in mind. Features often found on a chainsaw made for around the yard work is anti-vibration technology and STIHL’s Quickstop Chain Brake. What’s more, most offer a Master Control Lever, which makes start-up easy.

Battery vs. Electric Saws

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to carry tool, then an electric saw is the choice for you. It’s ideal for trimming jobs and firewood cutting. The only drawback is that you have to have an outlet nearby to plug the unit into before you can start working. However, if you are looking for the flexibility of a petrol device, without the hassle of using petrol, consider a battery chainsaw. What’s more, the battery-operated units are significantly quieter than petrol-powered ones.

Rescue Saws

Fire and rescue personnel need a powerful chainsaw that will easily cut through a door, wall or roof. Emergency workers must have a dependable tool that will start up fast. What’s more, it needs to be comfortable to hold and easily moveable in unique situations. Features on a STIHL rescue chainsaw include an extra-large starting handle, extended chip deflector, a muffler and a built-in tool holder.

In-Tree Saws

Pruning trees is different than cutting a tree down at the base. You need a special tool that is lightweight yet powerful. Furthermore, it should offer a balanced design that makes it easy to hold while standing high in a tree. A “T” handle at the top keeps your hands safe and away from the chain as you slice through upper limbs.