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STIHL Strimmer Parts and Accessories

An essential tool for every keen gardener, make sure your grass trimmer stays in tip-top condition with STIHL strimmer parts and accessories.

A strimmer is that all important power tool which helps you trim those difficult nooks and crannies that a lawn mower cannot reach, such as the edge of your lawn, and with the correct parts and accessories you can ensure it continues to be useful.

Since Andreas Stihl developed his first chainsaw 90 years ago, German company STIHL has become a world leader in the production of power tools providing equipment for gardening, construction, forestry and agriculture. Its selection of parts and accessories for garden trimmers will help you to maintain the life of this handy piece of gardening kit.

Strimmer cutting lines can be prone to breakage and over time they get shorter so have to be replaced regularly. A STIHL round nylon 2.4mm thick cutting line is suitable for many STIHL machines and is made from a special mix of polymers to provide a durable line which promises not to fray. It can be bought at various lengths and can be found as a single round or in sets of three.

The 2.0mm round profile nylon line is perfect for heavy-duty work and has also been designed not to fray. A 123m long line will fit the STIHL C5-2 mowing head, the 11-2, and 6-2, as well as any curved shaft strimmer, it is easy to load and is also durable and flexible. Square strimmer lines cleanly slice through heavy weeds and grass and a STIHL square line can be found at varying thickness including 2.4mm, 2.7mm, and 3.3mm and in lengths of up to 100m.

Plastic blades are an alternative to mowing lines, but can still succumb to wear and tear. Replacement STIHL Polycut knives are available in packs of 24 and 12. If you need a new harness for your strimmer, comfortable and lightweight replacements can be found to fit your STIHL machine.