SUP Board Bag

SUP Board Bag

Becoming increasingly popular these days, stand up paddle boarding is an interest for both those looking to relax as well as surf some waves. While it does share many surfing accessories with other surf activities, stand up paddle boards are shaped differently than other surfing boards. This means you need a specifically shaped SUP board bag.

Standard Features of Surfing Gear

Since stand up paddle boards are used in the same environments as other surfing equipment, there tend to be common features, like:

  • Internal Padding: These bags come with layers of padding designed to protect the board from get dinged up, with reinforced sections for the board’s nose.
  • Handles and Straps: To make thing easier carrying the SUP board about, SUP board bags come with padded handles and shoulder straps like you’d find with other sporting goods.

Unique Features of SUP Board Bags

Certain elements that can be included in stand up paddle board bags include:

  • Paddle Sling: Rather than putting it in a separate paddle board bag, some SUP bags have an external sling for you to attach the paddle to.
  • Fin Slot: Since most SUP boards have one or several fins at their rear, you need a bag that can accommodate them with built-in fin slots.